About us

Growing great people for our primary industries


We have four main groups that work together to oversee and govern our ITO - the Board, the Director Selection Panel, the Stakeholder Council and our Industry Partnership Groups (IPGs). 

Governance structure

Primary ITOs Governance Structure


Our Board

The Director Selection Panel appoints six Stakeholder Directors to the board. The Stakeholder Directors can then appoint up to two Appointed Directors if they need to. The Directors are on the board for a rotating basis of three years.


Director Selection Panel

The Stakeholder Council appoints three of its members to the Director Selection panel, plus two independents. They make recommendations to the Council for six of the Directors on a rotational basis.


Stakeholder Council

This is made up of one representative from each of the 14 Industry Partnership Groups (IPGs). The Stakeholder Council meets with our Board at least twice a year to present the primary industry’s needs, wants and opinions about industry training.


Industry Partnership groups (IPGs)

The IPGs are the voice of the primary industry. They are formed by individuals and people representing organisations. This is so we can understand and deliver training for their needs. The 14 IPGs each appoint a Chairperson and a representative to the Stakeholder Council.