Industry Partnership Groups

Our 14 Industry Partnership Groups (IPGs) add a vital dimension to Primary ITO and act as the voice of the primary industries. 

They’re made up of industry representatives that volunteer their time and expertise to our organisation. We consult with them about training matters, qualification review and development, industry events and research.

Each IPG appoints a Chairperson and they have a representative on the Stakeholder Council.


Agriculture Groups


Stuart Taylor

Dairy - Chair

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  • Stuart Taylor


  • DairyNZ - Carol Barnao
  • DairyNZ - Ben Allomes
  • Federated Farmers - Wayne Langford
  • Colin Van Der Geest
  • Jeremy Duckmanton
  • Landcorp - Fintan Phillips
  • NZ Young Farmers - Terry Copeland
  • Dairy Women's Network - Zelda de Villiers
  • Tangaroa Walker
  • Will Grayling
  • Natalie Davidson
  • Louise Cullen
  • Greg Crombie
  • Dairy NZ - Greg Murrow

Rhonda Bamford

Sheep, Beef & Deer - Chair

Rhonda has been Sheep & Beef farming for 28 years. Two years ago she converted 310 hectares to a dairy unit and now runs the two operations alongside each other. Along with working full time on the farm, Rhonda is mentoring small businesses in South Otago. She holds a National Diploma in Agribusiness Management and a Bachelor in Applied Management (Business Transformation & Change). Rhonda was a Diploma Tutor at Telford Rural Polytechnic in prior to its merge with Lincoln University – where she is now helping them develop their e-learning programme.

Rhonda believes the Sheep, Beef & Deer industries need more specific training developed for their requirements. Owners and operators need to be able to access funded training under the same enrolment conditions as those in the Dairy industry.

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  • Rhonda Bamford


  • Barry Pullin
  • Anne Munro
  • Beef & Lamb NZ - Doug Macredie
  • Federated Farmers - Rick Powdrell
  • Deer Industry NZ - Tony Pearse
  • Landcorp - Greg Crombie
  • New Zealand Young Farmers - Bronwyn Winchester
  • Mandy Bell
  • Red Meat Profit Partnership - Melonie Sheppard
  • Richard Morrison
  • Rachel Joblin

Rick Powdrell

Wool - Chair

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  • Rick Powdrell


  • Wools Classers Association - Bruce Abbott
  • Brendon Mahony
  • Wools Classers Association - David Carr
  • Gavin King
  • Mark Barrowcliffe
  • Mark Illston
  • Shear NZ - Peter Taylor
  • Federated Farmers - Stuart Munro
  • Barry Pullin
  • Grant Murdoch
  • Jamie McConachie
  • Canterbury Woolscourers - Struan Hulme
  • Independent - Philippa Wright

Horticulture Groups


Adam Pollard

Amenity Horticulture - Chair

Adam joined the board of the NZ Horticulture ITO in 2002 as the representative of the landscaping industry. He then went on to be appointed chair in 2006 and continued in this role until the merger with AgITO. Adam is a past president of the Landscaping Industries Association of New Zealand. Adam is Managing Director of a landscape business in Christchurch and has a number of trainees working through the ITO training system.

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  • Adam Pollard


  • Landscape - Chris Logan
  • Hort Maintenance & Management - Clint Jensen
  • WCC Parks Sport & Recreation - Jeff Paris
  • Downer - Beckee Lunn
  • Amenity - Shaun Rice
  • Landscape - Stuart Baines
  • Queenstown Lakes District Council - Diana Manson
  • Arboriculture - Rick Mexted
  • Arboriculture - Cameron Mitchell
  • Kapiti Coast District Council - Nico Crous
  • Hamilton City Council - Sally Sheedy

Matt Dolan

Nursery Production - Chair

Matthew joins NZPPI from his most recent role as Business Manager for Horticulture NZ, where amongst other things he’s managed Horticulture NZ’s “Growsafe” and “NZGAP” businesses, innovating and delivering exceptional results for its Growers. Earlier in his career Matthew has worked in a variety of senior Grower Liaison and Technical Management roles - both here and offshore - for primary industry organisations such as T&G/ENZA International and Silver Fern Farms.

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  • Matt Dolan


  • Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture Education Trust - Alistair Waters
  • Carol Fraser
  • GOL's, re-veg, transport,; IPPS - Grant Hayman
  • NGINZ, HITO - Mark Dean
  • Ambrosia Nursery - Kirsty Ogle-Morgan
  • Coast Lands Plant Nursery Ltd - Jo Bonner

Nikki Johnson

Avocado & Kiwifruit - Chair

Nikki is the CEO of New Zealand Kiwifruit Growers Incorporated (NZKGI).  She has a technical background with plant science training underpinning over 20 years’ experience in the horticultural and arable industries.  Her role as Chair is a key part of NZKGI’s education strategy in identifying the industries training needs to attract, retain and develop it members.  

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  • Nikki Johnson


  • Trevelyans - Jodi Johnstone
  • SEEKA - Phillipa Diluzio
  • SEEKA - Jim Smith
  • DMS - Lisa Bigham
  • DMS - Phillipa Wright
  • Aongatete - Ali Lawn
  • Eastpack - Heather Burton
  • Apata - Sheryl Thorcolich
  • Apata - Chris Alderson
  • Hume Pack N Cool - Mark Hume
  • Hume Pack N Cool - Kate Hume
  • NZ Avocado - Bevan Jelley
  • OPAC - Sonia Mcallister
  • Baygold Ltd - Keiran Harvey
  • MPAC - Donna Little
  • EHC - Adam Franklin
  • Mat Johnston Management & Contracting - Kris Johnston
  • Groplus - Andrew

Erin Simpson

Pipfruit - Chair

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  • Gary Jones


  • Hawkes Bay Fruitgrowers Association - Erin Simpson
  • Hans Doevendans
  • Palmer Orchards Ltd - Ian Palmer
  • JRs Orchards - Jaimee Burns
  • HortNZ - Jerfaas van Beek
  • Apollo Apples Ltd - Kristen Nash
  • Len Thompson
  • Hawkes Bay Fruitgrowers Association - Lesley Wilson
  • Vailima Orchard - Matthew Hoddy
  • Rachelle Hayes
  • Steve Anderson
  • Steve Potbury

Sue Pickering

Vegetables & Other Fruits - Chair

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  • Sue Pickering


  • T&G - Greg Turrell
  • AS Wilcox - Jan Bott
  • Process Vegetables NZ - John Seymour
  • Parker Gardens - Mike Parker
  • Potatoes NZ - Steve Sheppard

Julie Bassett

Viticulture - Chair

Julie has over 20 years HR experience across multiple industries, both private and public.  The last six years of her career has been in the role of Senior Vice President Human Resources for Constellation Brands, New Zealand’s Leading Wine Company.  In this role Julie supports all functions of the organisation across both NZ and Australia, with HR and communications activities.  With a passion for developing people to their full potential and ensuring learning is embedded into work place practices, Julie has been partnering with the ITO since joining Constellation Brands to provide meaningful development opportunities for employees. 

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  • Julie Bassett


  • NZ Wine - Nicola Crennan
  • Caythorpe Farm Ltd - Simon Bishell
  • Indevin - Andy Dodds
  • Mission Estate Winery - Steve Wheeler
  • John Flanagan
  • Hortus - Aaron Jay
  • Villa Maria - John van der Linden
  • Seasonal Solutions Coop Ltd - Helen Axby
  • Hortus - Jimmy Crocket

Equine & Racing Groups


Wendy Cooper

Equine & Racing - Chair

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  • Wendy Cooper


  • NZ Jockeys Association - Dave Taylor
  • NZ Thoroughbred Racing - Ginnie Denny
  • NZ Thoroughbred Racing - Marty Burns
  • NZ Thoroughbred Breeders Association - Vicki Pascoe
  • NZ Thoroughbred Trainers Association - Wendy Cooper
  • NZ Racing Board - Wendy Walker
  • Harness Racing New Zealand - Pete Ydgren
  • NZ Standardbred Breeders Association - Brad Reid
  • Jockey Rep. - Anna Jones
  • Harness Racing New Zealand - Natalie Gameson

Food Processing Groups


Nicky Cooper

Dairy Processing - Chair

Nicky is an HR Manager and currently leads Oceania Dairy’s People and Capability strategy as a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Nicky has a strong knowledge of dairy industry training having worked at Westland Milk Products in a Learning & Development Role and was part of the TROQ process prior to Oceania. Nicky has a proven track record of providing critical specialist, operational and strategic training expertise. Nicky is extremely motivated, with a commitment to building strong qualification and career pathways that will meet industry need.

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  • Nicky Cooper


  • Goodman Fielders - Michelle Christie
  • Oceania - Trish Terpstra
  • Westland - Angela Scott
  • Miraka - Aleesha Price

Nicola Bickers

Meat & Leather Processing - Chair

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  • Carolyn Thomson


  • Ovation NZ Ltd - Allan Jack
  • Taylor Preston Ltd - Carolyn Thomson
  • LASRA - Geoff Holmes
  • Auckland Meat Processors Ltd - Laura Trethewey (Chair)
  • Alliance Group Ltd - Karen Watson
  • Meat Industry Association - Paul Goldstone
  • Anzco Foods - Peter Sugrue
  • AFFCO New Zealand Ltd - Adam Grant
  • Silver Fern Farms - Nicola Bickers

Seafood Groups


Cathy Webb

Seafood - Chair

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  • Cathy Webb


  • Aquaculture NZ - Gary Hooper
  • New Zealand King Salmon - Michael Anderson
  • Maclab - Robert Stack
  • Talleys - Tiffany McGill
  • Foodstuffs North Island - Philip Read
  • Aquaculture NZ - Colin Johnston
  • Sanford - Nikki Iuli
  • Sealord - Wendy Walker

Sports Turf Groups


Peter Boyd

Sports Turf - Chair

Peter Boyd has been involved in the sports turf industry for over 30 years. He is currently a Golf Course Superintendent at Pakuranga Golf Club (Auckland) where he has trained many successful trainees. Peter was on the New Zealand Golf Course Superintendents Association (NZGCSA) board for eight years, followed by six years as President of the NZGCSA. He has been heavily involved in the Auckland Superintendents Association. Peter was a board member of the Sports Turf ITO for six years before the merger that formed Primary ITO. He has recently completed a Level 5 Sports Turf qualification.

The retention of good robust training, delivered by quality providers to meet industry needs is essential. We need to continually encourage new trainees into our industry, but also maintain and build on the high standards that have been set. New models and technology like e-learning are essential, but we must make sure we don’t lose contact with our people and the personal touch.

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  • Peter Boyd


  • Recreational Services - Brett Turner
  • Bay of Plenty Cricket Trust - Jared Carter
  • BNZGA - Maurice Symes
  • Manawatu District Council - Carl Johnstone