Closure of AgExcel and PrimaryProven initiatives

As part of continual improvement and following an examination of AgExcel and Primary Proven whereby the ITO reviewed the quality requirements of those training and assessing the industry’s standards, it has been decided to cease the process of providing this endorsement to tutors and trainers.

As a member I would like to thank you for help in ensuring the quality of training and assessment in our sectors, and your past support of AgExcel and Primary Proven.

The reason for the change is that when the ITO looked at the operation of the quality assurance framework for New Zealand qualifications, the type of assessment/evaluation being undertaken by the ITO for AgExcel and Primary Proven is no longer required, as they are incorporated into NZQA processes.

Please Note:For all organisation and individuals wishing to deliver training and assess unit standards in the primary sectors, without formal NZQA registration, the ITO has put in place additional quality assurance mechanisms that will have to be met before results can be accepted.

We are aware Affiliates delivering and assessing vehicle and chainsaw units must provide a safe environment for learning, and have robust systems in place to constantly monitor and adapt systems to reflect industry best practice. For this reason the ITO has provided further advice that is attached for those delivering training in this area as Appendix 1. This document should be read alongside the relevant CMR. 

Affiliates are urged to also refer to Worksafe. The Worksafe website has guides for tractors, quads, motorbikes and chainsaws. These provide sound practical advice although they do need to be updated to reflect the current legislation.

For more information email or call (04) 3817844.

Closure of AgExcel and PrimaryProven initiatives