Capabilities & expertise

Delivering customised solutions of the highest quality and value.

The team at ASL offers a diverse range of skills and experience, and wide ranging networks across New Zealand and further afield. This enables them to respond to specific client needs by drawing together the right knowledge and expertise to deliver customised solutions of the highest quality and value.


Professional Development Solutions

The training solutions designed, developed and delivered by ASL are driven by market demand and tailored to meet the specific needs of the industry and the clients they work with. Through a consultative approach ASL work to understand the strategy and goals of a sector or organisation, the challenges faced, and skills and knowledge required to achieve results now, and in the future. This process ensures that the training solutions developed meet the specific learning needs of individuals, and have a direct impact on business performance.

The flexible and client focused approach to training development also extends to the delivery format and resources required to achieve results. ASL recognises that some skills and knowledge are most effectively learned through practical application, while others are better suited to group workshop environments, or a blend of self-paced online work coupled with facilitated group sessions.

If you are focused on growing your people and your business, ASL is well positioned to assist. From needs analysis and specific training development, through to comprehensive organisational training, monitoring and evaluation systems, their team will partner with you to lift the capability and performance of your team.


International Consultancy

ASL works with industry and individual businesses to design and develop, and support the implementation of vocational training programmes that will positively impact on business and industry outcomes, and deliver economic returns.

In much the same way as is done within New Zealand, the process is consultative in its approach to ensure that the programmes and resources developed, and the delivery and assessment formats designed align to industry needs and achieve the desired learning outcomes.

Capabilities & expertise