Trades Academy

Are you interested in a programme that will give your students a kickstart towards an exciting career in the primary industry? We're here to help with the Primary ITO Trades Academy.

About the programme

The Primary ITO Trades Academy works alongside NCEA and Year 11 or 12 students can combine their NCEA studies with a National Certificate in Agriculture, or Horticulture (Level 1 or 2).


Blending classroom study with on-job learning, the Trades Academy includes field trips in Year 11 and one day per week industry placement in Year 12. As the Academy is Government funded there are limited spaces available.


The Trades Academy allows us to match students to appropriate industry professionals and businesses to fulfill the practical requirement of our programme, and therefore achieve industry relevant qualifications.


Ordering Trades Academy packages

To get started, go to our Print Room's online store and create a new account. Once you're set up you'll be able to select from the units we offer to make up packages of learning for your students.

Get involved! 

If you’re interested in getting your school involved with the Trades Academy, please contact us online.

Trades Academy