Moderation Activities

The ITO has taken a risk-based approach in developing our moderation plans for 2018.

We have talked with our Industry Partners and other stakeholders to develop moderation ‘focus’ areas, and together with other factors such as moderation history and current assessment activity, will form the basis of moderation demand.

The 2018 Moderation Block Calendar details these moderation ‘focus’ areas, and provides Registered Providers, Affiliated Trainers and Assessors, and ITO Registered Assessors an indication of when assessment scripts may be called for moderation. The ITO will call for specific assessment scripts following synthesis of usage figures. Calls for moderation scripts will occur between 28 February and 31 October 2018.

Whilst these areas will be a focus for the ITOs moderation activities, other sectors will also undergo moderation.


Postal moderations

Postal moderations will continue and will be the most common form of post-assessment moderation. Postal moderations may be carried out by individual Primary ITO moderators or by Moderation Panels.


Moderation Panel

Moderation Panels will convene regularly through the year and include where possible ITO, industry and provider representatives. Four Moderation panels have been planned for 2018.


Site visits

Site visits may be conducted with Registered Providers and Affiliated Trainers and Assessors where postal moderations indicate further information is required; at the request of the provider; or where the ITO has received feedback of potential non-compliance activities.



Assessor observations may occur as a result of ITO staff requests; where postal moderations indicate further information is required; or where the ITO has received feedback of potential non-compliance activities.


Clusters Meetings

As a result of our re-focus, the ITO will no longer organise and lead Cluster Meetings (with the exception of the Department of Corrections). We recognise the value of the ‘community of practice’ approach to ensuring consistency, and would like to see them continue on a more local level. We encourage Registered Providers and Affiliates to continue to connect with each other through these; we are more than happy to participate where appropriate or offer advice to those wishing to organise them.


Random sampling

Random sampling of Registered Assessors and providers will continue. Units called for random sampling may or may not be in ‘Focus areas’.


For our Registered Assessors only

Other informal but important moderation events will occur at individual or group meetings, Regional Clusters and Hubs organised through the year by NSMs and Team Leads. These will form part of the overall Primary ITO moderation compliance requirements. The Quality team encourages a ‘Community of Practice’ approach to assessing. Assessment and moderation topics should form part of any regional meeting, cluster or hub agenda. Topics and discussion points will be provided by the Quality Team, and results and activity outcomes are to be reported back to the Quality team.

Moderation Activities