Why we undertake Moderation

Primary ITO must meet the New Zealand Qualifications Authority’s (NZQA) quality assurance standards which are outlined in their QA Standard for ITOs document.


Primary ITO demonstrates this to NZQA by:

  • Implementing a national external moderation system in accordance with the moderation information of our registered CMR.
  • Documenting national external moderation activities and the results of these activities.
  • Applying processes to ensure feedback from the national external moderation activities is used in review of our unit standards.
  • Meeting annual NZQA national external moderation reporting requirements.
  • Regularly evaluating and reviewing its national external moderation system.
  • Periodically evaluating and reviewing the moderation information to ensure that it meets NZQA registration criteria and accords with best practice.



Primary ITO is responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of its national external moderation system, and for providing an annual report to NZQA.

Primary ITO uses a range of methodologies including satisfaction surveys for industry, learners and consent to assess providers, informal feedback, review by the Quality Support team and moderators, and formal review to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of its national external moderation system.  Improvements are made on the basis of this evaluation.  An annual report is then provided to NZQA.


Our Responsibilities

The Quality team manages plans and coordinates all moderation events, reports moderation outcomes, ensures providers comply with moderation requirements, and evaluates and reports on the effectiveness of Primary ITO’s national external moderation system.

The Quality team including moderators; meet annually to check, moderate and peer review moderation activities.  Annual feedback is sought from each moderator on the effectiveness of moderation activities and suggestions for improvement to the system.  This feedback is then considered in our planning process for the following year.

We also invite industry representatives with specific expertise to advise and assist in moderation activities as required


Annual Report

The Annual Report supersedes the Annual Moderation Report and Assessment Plan, and has been extended so include Affiliated Trainers and Assessors as well as Registered Providers. The Annual Report provides the ITO with valuable information about organisational moderation, delivery and assessment activities, and is the first stage in the moderation process. Affiliates need to make a declaration that they will meet all the requirements outlined in the Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMRs) that relate to the areas they assess.

Why we undertake Moderation