Grow your career with an apprenticeship. 

Are you fully committed to your industry and keen to fast track your career? Primary industries apprenticeships are for anyone over the age of 16 ready to take on Level 4 training.


We currently offer apprenticeships for the following industries...

  • All horticulture sectors
  • Dairy farming - Apply now to become a dairy apprentice!
  • Dairy manufacturing
  • Equine breeding
  • Harness racing
  • Jockey
  • Meat and boning
  • Pork production
  • Shearing
  • Sheep and beef farming
  • Sports turf
  • Thoroughbred racing
  • Wool harvesting

As an apprentice you'll receive personal mentoring and extra support from your Primary ITO training adviser. They will meet with you at least four times a year to help you set goals and review your progress. 

Depending on the industry, an apprenticeship can take anywhere between 2 to 3.5 years to complete. Ending up at the finish line is less about academic ability and more about passion, dedication and the ability to set and follow through with clearly defined goals. 


Here's a few tips that will help ensure your success:

  1. Make sure you are right for the apprenticeship - this will go a long way to maintaining the commitment you need to finish.
  2. A supportive employer is critical, as well as understanding what your employer’s objectives and priorities are, and what role you will play in those.
  3. Map out your career path and set goals (study, work and personal).
  4. Get buy-in and support from your friends, family, or whanau. You will need them.
  5. Pick suitable study times. After work is not advisable because you will be tired.
  6. Be organised and keep up with your studies and paperwork.
  7. If you fall behind (due to leave, illness or other reasons), talk with your tutor and training adviser about how to catch up.
  8. Communicate constantly with your employer. Tell him or her what you are doing in class and discuss how they can help you practically implement what you have learned. 

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NZ Apprenticeships are for anyone over the age of 16 who are ready to take on Level 4 training. You need to be enthusiastic, energetic and demonstrate a proven commitment to the industry you're working in.

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