Boiler Operation and Code Compliance

This course is suitable for people with some prior knowledge of basic boiler technology and equipment and primarily focuses on modern packaged boilers. Includes pre-work for Responsible Person certification.

Boiler Operation and Code Compliance


30 day(s)


$230 Inc GST

At the end of this course, you'll understand the operating practices and procedures required to achieve compliance with AMS’s, boiler coder and standards. These include:

  • The role of the operator, responsible person and boiler controller in relation to the operation of all types of Packaged Boilers including those classified as Limited-Attendance and Unattended
  • Routine operation, general supervision and daily checks
  • The periodic tests required to achieve compliance with boiler codes and standards
  • Raising steam – best practice
  • Water hammer – causes, effects and appropriate response
  • Boiler shutdown and storage
  • Surviving a boiler safety audit.

The course contains a functioning, interactive gauge glass simulator with sound effects providing step-by-step instruction on the correct testing procedure so you can practice and observe typical responses to a variety of faults and operating conditions.

You can access this course online 24/7. Once you've registered and paid, you have 30 days to complete the learning and assessment.




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