Packaged Boiler Controls

This intermediate level course focuses on boiler code requirements for different categories of boilers with particular emphasis on limited-attendance and unattended operation. Includes pre-work for Certified Operator certification.

Packaged Boiler Controls


30 day(s)


$230 Inc GST

At the end of this course you'll have an understanding of:

  1. The different categories of boilers
  2. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) technology, boiler control system architecture, and burner/fuel management systems
  3. Various operational and safety control in wide use including:
    • Level detection devices, conductivity, capacitance probes, DP cells and mechanical devices
    • Level-control strategies including one, two and three element control
    • Discrete (On-Off) vs modulating control – code requirements
    • Level protection devices – code requirements
    • Condensate and feedwater systems controls
    • Burner and solid-fuels systems management
    • Boiler blowdown management and control.

This course contains a functioning, interactive burner management system (BMS) simulator typical of those found on gas/oil-fired boilers. It provides a detailed step-by-step overview of the burner logic and flame failure protection that are a mandatory requirement in modern boiler operation. Realistic sound effects give you an immersive experience and the simulator provides an insight into a key aspect of boiler operation that is often poorly understood.


You can access this course online 24/7. Once you've registered and paid, you have 30 days to complete the learning and assessment.


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