Amenity Horticulture

National Certificate in Horticulture (Amenity Horticulture) Level 4

Keen to make your community a more vibrant place while growing your career prospects? If you’re interested maintaining botanic gardens, parks, reserves and recreational spaces, public amenities and working on beautification projects, our amenity horticulture apprenticeship could be for you. 

Course summary




2 years*

Start date



$784* Inc GST


At the end of this programme you will be able to:

  • Plant and implement a weed control programme
  • Plan and implement a pest and disease control programme
  • Select plants for landscaping and amenity horticulture
  • Prune and train trees and shrubs
  • Revegetate areas of indigenous plants areas
  • Demonstrate an advanced knowledge of botany and soils
  • Maintain planted/landscaped amenity gardens.

*If a Level 3 certificate in Horticulture has been completed then you may be able to complete this programme in 6 months. 

*Course fee is per annum.

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