Apiculture Level 2

National Certificate in Apiculture Level 2

Recommended for entry level and assistant beekeepers employed in the industry (including hobbyist beekeepers).

Course summary


Practical plus 2-day workshop




8.5 months

Start date



$287.50 Inc GST


Topics covered in this programme

At the end of this programme you'll be able to: 

  • Recall the history of New Zealand beekeeping 
  • Assess hazards in beekeeping 
  • Identify bee diseases 
  • Identify physical characteristics and behaviour of bees 
  • Beefeed 
  • Open and close hives 
  • Manage diseases in a hive 
  • Assemble and repair beehives 
  • Re-queen a hive 
  • Shift beehives 
  • Remove honey supers 
  • Prepare a beehive for winter 
  • Extract honey
  • Demonstrate rural skills.

Hobbyist beekeepers

If you are a hobbyist beekeeper, there are some additional requirements you must meet to be eligible to enrol. You must:

  • Be affiliated to a recognised beekeeping club 
  • Have access to 5 hives 
  • Complete course tasks under the guidance of an experienced beekeeper who can act as supervisor/verifier. This person needs to be an experienced beekeeper also affiliated to a recognised beekeeping club.

This programme costs $1,207.50 inc GST for hobbyist beekepers, and must be paid on enrolment.