Caged Fish Farming

National Certificate in Aquaculture (Caged Fish Farming) Level 3

Recommended for people working on fin fish farms that use cages as the main containment method. This programme is suitable for either marine or freshwater environments.

Course summary


Compulsory and elective topics




11 months

Start date



Topics covered in this programme

Compulsory topics

At the end of this programme you will be able to:

  • Describe the feeding of farmed fin fish
  • Describe net systems and undertake net changes on a fin fish farm
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the use of ropes in the aquaculture industry

Elective topics

You'll also need to pick some topics that suit your job role.

At the end of this programme you could be able to:

  • Count and classify mortalities on a fin fish farm
  • Carry out a biomass assessment of farmed fin fish
  • Carry out net repairs on a fin fish farm
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the handling of seals on a fin fish farm
  • Describe the biology of a fin fish
  • Harvest farmed fish
  • Describe hand feeding and hand feed a population of farmed fin fish
  • Grade and count farmed fish
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and carry out the preparation and load out of live fish
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the receipt of live fish and receive live fish
  • Describe the harvesting of farmed fish and associated processes
  • Describe and carry out the crowding of farmed fish
  • Assess size distribution of fin fish and interpret data for an aquaculture facility
  • Assess fin fish in an aquaculture facility

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