Industry Skills

New Zealand Certificate in Primary Industry Skills (Agriculture) (Dairy Farming) Level 2

Suitable for those new to the agriculture industry and those required to carry out a range of seasonal production tasks working under close supervision. You are able to tailor the programme to suit individual needs.

Course summary




7 months

Start date



This programme is made up of compulsory and optional components:

Health and Safety (compulsory component)

At the end of the topic learners will be able to:

  • Locate hazards and describe safety procedures,
  • Work safely in a rural workplace
  • Understand the consequences of injury. 


  • Understand livestock behavior and the impacts on animal welfare
  • Safely handle, check and report on livestock
  • Assist with livestock grazing management
  • Feed livestock under direct supervision
  • Prepare for a cow calving as directed
  • Install, dismantle, and store temporary electric fences.


  • Identify health problems of dairy cattle, associated with milking
  • Understand farm dairy design, and the components of an effluent system
  • Milking machine components and cleaning procedures
  • The impact of dairy cattle health on milk quality, records, and milk withholding period
  • Somatic cell count (SCC), and mastitis in dairy cows
  • Factors that affect milk quality, milk testing, milk cooling
  • Assist with milking
  • Understand the information contained in a dairy company milk tanker docket.


  • Check and drive your choice of vehicle on flat terrain.
  • Demonstrate safe operation of your chosen vehicle.

Choice of vehicles include light utility vehicle (LUV), basic wheel tractor with an attached implement, motorcycle, or quadbike.



  • Prepare and apply agrichemicals using hand held equipment
  • Use, maintain, and store agrichemical protective equipment
  • Control weeds under supervision.

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