Evaporation & Spray drying - Level 4

New Zealand Certificate in Dairy Processing (Milk Powder) Level 4

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Compulsory topics




12 months

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Topics covered in this programme

Interpersonal – Communication, Teamwork and Planning

  • Plan and manage work priorities and information
  • Analyse and convey workplace information.

Health & Safety and Environmental Sustainability

  • Monitor the implementation of health & safety practices
  • Monitor sustainable environmental practices in own work area. 

Food/Product Safety and Quality

  • Implement food safety requirements
  • Monitor the operation of a quality system
  • Carry out clean-in-place processes
  • Demonstrate knowledge of an automated clean-in-place (CIP) process
  • Operate a heat treatment process in a dairy processing operation.

Product Knowledge and Process – Generic

  • Operate pumping equipment
  • Operate a process control interface
  • Carry out a dairy product holding and storage process.

Critical Thinking & Continuous Improvement

  • Monitor and improve dairy operating continuous improvement.

Product Knowledge and Process - Specific

Milk Powder:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the prevention of fires and dust explosions in a dairy processing operation
  • Carry out a drying process
  • Carry out evaporation process.