National Certificate in Horticulture (Postharvest) Level 4

Postharvest covers the steps between harvesting crops and point of sale. In this apprenticeship, you’ll master packing, preparing, packaging, grading, stacking and strapping, as well as quality control, safety, workflow and storage requirements. Job opportunities are good due to high seasonal demand and increasing fruit and vegetable production. 

Course summary




2 years*

Start date



$784 Inc GST


At the end of this programme you will be able to:

  • Understand market product regulations
  • Supervise storage of harvested crops
  • Supervise a team
  • Understand workflow management
  • Understand Globalgap regulations
  • Understand inventory management and manage an inventory
  • Comply with industry quality assurance requirements
  • Demonstrate auditing skills.

Entry Requirements

It is recommended that candidates complete National Certificate in Horticulture (Postharvest) Level 3 before entering this course.


*If a Level 3 certificate in horticulture has been completed then the duration of this programme is only 6 months.