Adult Education & Training (New Zealand Environment) Level 4

National Certificate in Adult Education and Training (New Zealand Environment) Level 4

Recommended for people delivering and assessing in adult education and training environments. This is an entry level programme in adult education and training. 

Course summary


Compulsory and elective




12 months

Start date



Topics covered in this programme

Compulsory topics

At the end of this programme you'll be able to:

  • Establish a culturally safe and inclusive learning environment for adults in New Zealand’s cultural setting.

Elective 1

You'll need to pick 1-2 of the following topics to suit your job role:

  • Deliver learning presentations for adult learners
  • Prepare learning plans and provide guidance for individual adult learners
  • Deliver on-job training for adult trainees
  • Create and maintain a positive learning environment for adult learners
  • Show knowledge of support systems required for the provision of open, flexible, and networked learning (OFNL)
  • Deliver group training sessions for adult learners.

Elective 2

You'll need to choose at least 4 of the following topics to suit your job role:

  • Use standards to assess candidate performance
  • Determine the training requirements of individual adults for a specified job
  • Prepare candidate(s) for assessment against standards
  • Verify evidence for assessment
  • Show knowledge of adult numeracy learning and introductory numeracy knowledge.