How our training works

It’s tailored to support business needs

We work closely with employers and their teams to identify where skills gaps lie. Once these gaps are identified, we can tailor training plans for team members to give them the skills and knowledge required to perform consistently in their roles. The content of our training programmes also match seasonal workplace activities so staff can put their learnings straight into practice.


It’s mostly delivered in the workplace

The majority of our training is delivered in the workplace. The small portion of learning that takes place off-site is where employees learn the theory behind their practical education. The nature of this off job component depends on the programme selected and can be a workshop, a block course, an industry event or an e-learning activity.


Your role

You are central to your employees’ success. You will need to provide them with opportunities to learn and grow, and help them practice their skills. As part of our assessment process either you, or an internal representative, will also need to verify your employees’ abilities to confirm they’ve transferred their learning into practice. This may involve questioning and observing them performing specific activities, and determining if they meet the competency requirements of their training programme.


Customised training for large businesses

We know that customised and flexible training solutions are crucial for large businesses. With this in mind, we work to understand the needs of your organisation and deliver solutions that align with business goals. Tailored individual and team training is then planned to address the skills gaps in your workforce. If our existing portfolio of products don’t meet your requirements, we can customise training programmes and resources to better meet your needs.



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How our training works