Training plans

A series of templates for processing operations to help quickly identify and select unit standards that give staff the specific skills they need.

Training plans show the breakdown of unit standards and credits your employees will achieve as a part of a programme. Simply fill in your details and send to your Corporate Account Manager along with any training agreements. 


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Dairy processing

Energy & chemical operations

Meat processing



Available training options

Short Courses

Our Limited and Supplementary Credit Programmes - known as LCPs and SCPs - are bite sized chunks of learning drawn from National or New Zealand Certificate programmes. LCPs are our "taster" courses and provide a pathway toward a full Certificate (great for entry level employees) while SCPs are for staff who have already completed a National Certificate, but require further training in a specific area.  



NZ Apprenticeships are for anyone over the age of 16 who is enthusiastic, committed to their industry and ready to take on Level 4 training. The advantage over regular training is the extra level of personal mentoring and support employees receive from our training advisers. This includes at least four visits a year to set goals and review progress.


Certificate & Diploma Programmes

We offer a wide range of National/New Zealand Certificate & Diploma programmes from Levels 1 through 5. These comprehensive programmes will give staff the knowledge and skills required for their specific roles. 


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