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Whether you want to help improve farm performance or maintain a steady platform for the future, knowledge is key in the dairy industry. 


Biggest risk to dairy farmers is cost cutting on the wrong things

One of the biggest risks facing dairy farmers in the current downturn is cutting costs on the wrong things – like abandoning management training to save money – when now more than ever farmers need to take the long view.

DairyNZ Strategy and Investment Leader (People in Business) Mark Paine urges farmers not to give up on upskilling because the best way to survive, and flourish, through a downturn is to be pro-active rather than reactive.


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"Farm businesses have to cut costs in a downturn, but it takes training and knowledge to make the right cost cutting decisions. Arguably training is the single most valuable investment one can make. Good management allows you to make good decisions and good investments in other areas. Skilled people make smarter decisions."

Dr Adam Barker - Director of primary sector consultants Scarlatti

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