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Can emotional intelligence in the workplace improve the bottom line?

24/08/2016 • Is there a bottom line benefit to primary sector businesses that develop the emotional intelligence of their workforce at all levels?
A growing body of compelling evidence suggests that rather than being some new age concept...

Why leadership & supervision skills are vital to success

24/08/2016 • When you manage a large number of orchard staff comprising different nationalities, languages and cultural backgrounds, leadership skills are invaluable.
Mark Andersen is no stranger to upskilling in this area, having attended multiple leadership courses over...

Farm life in Taradise

22/08/2016 • Brad Markham left his high-flying journalism career in Australia for a new life on a dairy farm in Aotearoa. Now, he’s the 2016 NZDIA Share Farmer of the Year for Auckland/Hauraki and a rising social...