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Primary ITO gets on the front foot with the forgotten 10 percenters

05/10/2016 • Are you one of New Zealand's forgotten 10 percenters?
At least 10 per cent of New Zealanders are dyslexic, which is a disorder that makes it difficult to learn to read or interpret words, letters, and...

First Wairarapa course helps support horticulture boom

05/10/2016 • In the Wairarapa recently we held a three day course at the Solway A & P showgrounds for the first time.
Between 16 to 19 trainees and apprentices from businesses across the region – from orchards,...

Farm Life In Taradise: part 2

19/09/2016 • Brad Markham left his high-flying journalism career in Australia for a new life on a dairy farm in Aotearoa. Now, he’s the 2016 NZDIA Share Farmer of the Year for Auckland/Hauraki and a rising social...