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Failure is also a stepping stone to success

14/09/2016 • It was a spectacular failure that helped Traci Houpapa, the chairman of Landcorp New Zealand, to get where she is today.
"I was in my late teens, and I had been given a piece of work...

From Waitara to the world; one wool handler's journey

14/09/2016 • If anybody embodies the opportunities available in the wool harvesting business, it's Vanessa McAlister who can rightly say that her work as a wool handler, Classer and then a shearer, took her from small town...

A woman's influence can help make NZ's primary industry great

13/09/2016 • While the boardrooms of the various primary sectors are crowded and still male-centric, a natural flair for networking and the rise of new technologies like social media are contributing to the growing influence of women...